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Ed and I thank you for nearly ten years of our family business. We would like to serve you for ten more years but alas, our hair is gray and our joints are failing! We would like to welcome a responsible and interested person to join us as a manger or partner. This is a good opportunity for an ambitious person. Does this sound like you? Call us.

Our idea to open a different kind of Mexican restaurant was born in 2013. We wanted to use Mexican food as a theme and create dishes that were uniquely our own – not “authentic” Mexican but using many of the flavors of Mexico and other Latin countries while also incorporating ingredients from other cultures and food traditions. What followed was several years of research, dining out, tasting and experimental cooking.


Tuesday – Saturday:  11:00 am – 07:00pm

Sunday: 12:00 pm – 07:00 pm

Monday: Closed

Kitchen closes at 06:30pm

Call In Your Order: (856) 468-2052


90: Nachos Amigos


Choose slow-roasted pork, chicken breast or seasoned ground beef on layers of Pico, jalapenos, black olives, black beans, corn-pineapple salsa and melted cheese on crisp corn tortilla chips. Salsa and sour cream on the side

91: Queso Fundido Dip


Seasoned ground beef, secret chili spices and a combination of cheeses - it drips of your chips

92: Chunky Salsa and Chips


Fresh, daily - made tomato salsa and crisp corn tortilla chips

93: Queso Dip


Comfortingly warm queso blanco paired with corn tortilla chips

99: Guacamole and Chips


Our creamy avocado dip and tortilla chips


3 Tacos With Flour Tortillas – Chips & Salsa Or Rice And Beans On The Side

1: Spice-Rubbed Pork Special


Seasoned slow-cooked pork layered with Mexican cheeses and crisp slaw with salsa verde

2: Chicken Sweet Teriyaki - Our Most Popular Taco!


Tender teriyaki chicken partnered with Mexican cheeses, crisp slaw, and French fried onion strings for crunch

3: Chicken "Fajita" Tacos


Sautéed onions and peppers, lettuce, Pico de Gallo and Mexican cheeses. Vegetarian option available

5: Chicken Taco Queso


Tender chicken with lots of cheese toasted in 3 small tortillas - similar to quesadillas

6: Seasoned Beef Tacos


Seasoned ground beef loaded with lots of Mexican cheese, lettuce, and our fresh Pico make these tacos extraordinary

7: Taco Beans


Tortillas slathered with re refried and black beans, shredded lettuce and fresh Pico, corn pineapple salsa, Mexican cheeses. Vegetarian

8: The Gringo


Seasoned ground beef and bacon piled high with cheese, crispy lettuce, Pico and sour cream

9: Fish Tacos (2 Tacos)


Crisply fried Tilapia rests on a bed of house - made, lightly - spiced creamy coleslaw and topped with fresh Pico de Gallo

10: Chicken Tacos


Tender chicken, fresh Pico, shredded lettuce and cheese, sauced with our famous chipotle ranch sauce

275: Ribeye Steak Tacos



“Pressed and Toasted”

25: Griller


Tender rib eye steak, refried beans, Mexican cheeses, chipotle ranch sauce and Pico. Crispy onion strings added for a bit of crunch

26: Chicken Amigo


Grilled chicken doused in our popular chipotle ranch sauce, refried beans and Mexican cheeses and Pico. Crispy onion strings for a hint of salt and crunch

27: Amigos Pork


In-house, slow roasted pork and Mexican cheese are layered with chimichurri sauce and crunchy onion strings.

34: Two-Meat Country Burrito


Tender chicken and seasoned ground beef partner with sautéed onions and peppers, Mexican cheeses and chipotle ranch sauce.


Made With 12″ Tortillas – Mexican Rice And Beans On The Side

Add A Side Of Pico And Sour Cream $2.99


Juicy rib eye, tender chicken, seasoned ground beef or slow-cooked pork

35: Original


Meat and cheese only

36: Fajita


Like the "Original" with added sautéed onions and peppers

37: Super Three Chimi


3 meats, 3 cheeses. Chicken, pork and steak. Make fajita style with sautéed onions and peppers. A Chimi for the Bold!


Add a forth enchilada for $3.50

30: Original Three


3 corn tortillas wrapped around your choice of meats - we add the cheese - you choose a salsa - verde, roja or hot. Rice and beans on the side

50: Betsy's Onion and Cheese Enchiladas


Sautéed onions and melted cheese fill three corn tortillas and are covered in the salsa of your choice. Rice and beans on the side.

40: Enchilada "Grande"


One Big Beautiful Enchilada. We stuff a 12" four tortilla with our savory chicken, cheese, and sautéed onions and peppers. Cheese and enchiladas sauce on top. Rice and black beans on the side.


11: Porky


Slow-cooked pork, sautéed onions and peppers and melted Mexican cheese

12: Spicy Beef


Savory ground beef soaked in spicy chipotle salsa and layered with Mexican cheeses and jalapeños

13: Chicken Cancun


Tender chicken and sautéed onions with melted Mexican cheeses

14: Megan's Veggie


Seasoned black beans, corn-pineapple salsa and caramelized onions - and cheese of course!

15: Chicken Teriyaki


Tender chicken breast sautéed in sweet teriyaki sauce with Mexican cheeses

18: Chicken Fajita


Tender chicken breast shares space with sautéed onions and peppers

16: Sweet Chili Pork


In-house slow-cooked pork bathed in sweet chili salsa and cheeses

17: Chicken and Cheese


That's it! Just tender chicken breast and melted cheese.

19: Cheese Quesadilla


Just cheese. Elegantly simple!

200: Ribeye Steak and Cheese



Any Burrito Can Be Made As A Bowl

51: Mexican Chicken Fajita Style


Tender chicken breast stewed with sautéed onions and red and green peppers; hot Mexican rice and black beans accompany

52: Chicken Teriyaki or Tso's


Chicken breast sautéed in your choice of Teriyaki or General Tso's sauce then tossed with stir-fried red and green peppers, carrots and broccoli. Served with Mexican rice and black beans

53: Big Ribeye Bowl


Tender Ribeye, Mexican rice, black beans, cheese, and you add extras!

* Bowls Do Not Come With A Side


Side Of Rice And Beans Or Chips

71: Two Tacos


Chicken or ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato or Pico

72: Lunch Size Burrito


Chicken or ground beef; Mexican rice, black beans, cheese. Pico and lettuce

74: Lunch Combo


One empanada and one taco - you design the taco!

75: Empanada Special


Choose two of our popular large empanadas

77: Lunch Bowl


Choose chicken or ground beef; Mexican yellow rice, seasoned black beans, Pico and Mexican cheese. Complete. * Does not come with a side

78: Empanada Light


One empanada with rice and beans on the side

79: Super Empanada : 3 Empanadas


One empanada with rice and beans on the side


80: Two Small Cheese Quesadillas


Choice of chips or rice; juice or water

81: Two Small Tacos


Chicken or ground beef; lettuce and cheese choice of juice or water

82: Kids Bowl


Chicken or beef on rice and beans and cheese; juice or water


60: Chicken Fajita Style


61: Chicken


62: Chicken And Cheese


63: Beef


64: Beef And Cheese


65: Spicy Jerk Chicken


66: Hot And Spicy Beef Cayenne


67: Spinach And Cheese


68: Broccoli And Cheese


69: Chicken Teriyaki


70: Cheese Steak



Guacamole 2 oz.


Guacamole 4 oz.


Queso Blanco 2 oz.


Queso Blanco 4 oz.


Pico de Gallo 2 oz.


Pico de Gallo 4 oz.


Chunky Salsa 2 oz.


Chunky Salsa 4 oz.


Sour Cream 2 oz.


Rice and Beans For One


Rice and Beans For Two




Salsas, general 2 oz.


Chipotle Ranch Sauce 2 oz.



100: Churros


Two large crispy churros - filled with vanilla cream or chocolate cream. Chocolate dipping sauce with every order!

101. Bakery Cakes


Two large crispy churros - filled with vanilla cream or chocolate cream. Chocolate dipping sauce with every order!


Order Any Burrito As A “Bowl”

All Burritos Start With Rice, Beans, And Cheese

20: Encebollado (Onions)


Chicken or rib-eye steak, our in-house chipotle ranch sauce, sautéed onions, melted Mexican cheeses in this fully packed burrito

21: Cubano Porky


Slow-cooked pork doused in sweet chili sauce, Mexican cheese - on a bed of Mexican rice and seasoned black beans

22: Big "Tres Tres"


Tender chicken breast, pulled pork, AND rib eye steak, rolling in Mexican cheeses, and our famous chipotle ranch sauce
famous chipotle ranch sauce

23: California Fresh


Tender chicken breast and Mexican cheeses are cooled by creamy sour cream, corn-pineapple salsa, slaw, Pico, black beans and fresh chipotle ranch sauce - no rice!

24: Chicken - Chicken Teriyaki


Chicken breast is sautéed in teriyaki sauce and rests on a bed of black beans and rice

28: Jerk Double-Cooked Pork


Spicy jerk sauce with seasoned rice and black beans and cheeses make for a mucho caliente burrito.

29: Hot and Spicy Beef


Spicy chipotle sauce layered with Mexican cheeses - rice and beans complete this spicy burrito

31: Pork BBQ Burrito


Slow-roasted pork swims in sweet BBQ sauce with Mexican cheeses, rice and seasoned black beans

34: Two-Meat Country Burrito TOASTED


chicken, ground beef, sauteed onions and peppers , Mexican cheeses, chipotle ranch sauce

33 Chicken "Fajita" Burrito

chicken breast, sauteed onions and peppers, cheeses

250 Steak Burrito

tender steak, chipotle ranch sauce, rice, beans


No Occasion Too Big Or Too Small,
Amigos Mexican Grill Will Cater It All.

Corporate and Private Events Welcomed

Give Us A Call At 856-468-2052


Covid has forced us to make many changes at Amigos. We are currently not delivering and we have very limited seating inside. We hope, as the pandemic eases, to add more staff enabling us to extend our hours and add delivery and seating.

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